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About GINI

Weaving The Story Of Success Since 1963

Gini is a brand that carries with it, over 55 years of rich and remarkable legacy. Founded by Mr. VISHWANATH HARLALKA in the year 1963, the company aims at building and executing great ideas that will be the drivers of progress. Gini believes in transcending customer satisfaction and creating long lasting relationships with its Partners, Investors, Wholesalers and Retailers. The unified vision of understanding the dynamic needs of tomorrow and building strong communities of the future is shared by everyone associated with Gini.

Gini, as a company, believes in bringing life into the fabrics. Since our inception, we have been continuously putting our efforts in being one of the best in the textile manufacturing industry and producing top quality weaves and fabrics ranging from 100% Cotton, Linens, Polyester, 100% Hemp, Bamboo, Viscose blends and Cotton blends with a wide variety of designs and different finishes. We are not just a business but a close-knit group of individuals who are focussed on excellence and creativity.

Everyone associated with the group becomes a part of the family. Under the leadership of MR. DEEPAK HARLALKA, son of Mr. Vishwanath Harlalka, the Gini family has also extended its arms into various other ventures like entering the premium market, Gini Constructions as well as looping in a variety of Partners that is the result of sheer dedication and focussed value addition. Similarly, the inclusion of the third generation, MR. PRANAV HARLALKA and MR. KARAN HARLALKA has put in some fresh and new-age objectives in the processes which further upholds the vision with which Gini was created.


  • Gini Design Studio – At Gini, we have a state-of-the-art designing studio which is equipped with an innovative team that comes up with the latest fashion trends and designs using modern CAD technology. The dedicated team also assists in creating yardages with the use of desk looms and Suzuki Warper machines.
  • Gini Weaving Unit – Our weaving machines at Gini which include the high speed Rapier Loom Technology is imported straight from Belgium which consist of 16 shaft dobby manufacturing with 6 different colour insertions in the weft (crosswise threads on the loom). This unit also includes an in-house TFO which helps in twisting the fine denier yarns. We are proud to mention that we weave over 5 lac meters of fabric a month!
  • Gini Processing – The ISO certified 9001/2015 Gini Process House in Tarapur processes fabrics with the help of Schreiner Calendar and Paper Finish machines along with machines that achieve mercerizing, carbon finish and sanforising finish. Our sophisticated lab in the process house processes up to 25 lac meters of fabric bet a month while ensuring that all the parameters for providing a quality output is met and the customers receive a top-class product.

At Gini, we are socially and environmentally aware of the footprint that we leave behind. Hence, we are making conscious efforts to reduce our impact on the environment. We have installed a new Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) which will help us to recycle our wastewater and in return helps in reducing our emissions, which is our way of positively contributing towards the planet’s wellbeing.

Our Mission

Gini aims to provide its customers with the best of quality
in a wide variety of products in a consistent and timely manner…