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The Only Best Way To Reach The Next Step Is To Innovate!

Aqua India - Gini Silk Mills

Aqua India

Fabric That Repels Dirt & Spillage

Gini is constantly working towards making breakthrough innovations in fabrics. ‘Aqua India’ is a type of fabric which is systematically treated with fluorocarbon-based water along with a repellent finish that prevents it from getting dirty. You can stay safe from spillage of water, tea, coffee and oil, if you are wearing garments made from ‘Aqua India’ fabric. Its repellent finish withstands normal home laundry cycles for up to 20 washes.

Bamboo Fabric - Gini silk Mills

Bamboo Fabric

Softest, Natural and Eco-Friendly Fabric

Wearing a garment made from Bamboo will make you feel proud of your contribution towards the environment as it is the most eco-friendly fabric on the planet. Now, you can help save the planet while donning one of the softest fabrics. It also has antibacterial properties and it is a hypoallergenic.Bamboo Fabric is also known to pull moisture from the skin for evaporation, making it highly absorbent. The natural fibres also help you keep cooler in the summers and warmer in winters, while naturally protecting you from UV rays.

Hemp Fabric - Gini Silk Mills

Hemp Fabric

Fabric That Grows Softer With Time

With the look of a classic linen and the comfort of wool, here’s a fabric made from 100% natural hemp fibres. Since the dawn of human civilisation, hemp has been the ideal choice for fabrics. The fibres have 3 times more tensile strength than cotton and they are naturally resistant to fungus and UV rays. Garments made with 100% Hemp Fabrics are lightweight and will naturally make you feel cooler. It is also super absorbent which helps absorb perspiration very effectively.

Ever Fresh Fabric - Gini Silk Mills

Ever Fresh

Defying Odours With Style

Here’s a new and innovative fabric that fights unpleasant odours and has antimicrobial properties. The fabric is specially treated to work against microbes which prevents bad smells and gives a very comfortable feel. The fabric is also dermatologically tested; therefore, you can rest assured that you will gain maximum benefits.

Glacier Fabric - Gini Silk Mills


Feel Cold Even When It's Hot

Bringing the chills from the Swiss Alps to India, the ‘Glacier’ fabric is equipped with Swiss Technology that processes the fabric to be cool by enabling quick transportation and evaporation of moisture. On a hot summer day, you can expect the fabric to make you feel cooler by approximately 5 degrees Celsius.

Fragrant Fabrics - Gini Silk Mills


Fragrant Fabrics For Lingering Impressions

Someone who smells good, instantly becomes more attractive. With the ‘Khushboo’ fabric you don’t have to take extra efforts to smell good. This fabric is treated with a special fragrance which is perfumed during its processing. Rubbing the fabric against anything releases a sweet scent which helps in omitting any foul smell or odour.

Lyocell Fabrics - Gini Silk Mills


Smooth Fibres That Feel Supple On Your Skin

Soft and smooth, lightweight and comfortable, this fabric made from the natural cellulose found in wood pulp is perfect for creating a breathable garment. It is an economical fabric which is biodegradable and its high absorbent fibres work well with dyes giving high quality coloured yarns. The strong fibres are super durable in both wet and dry conditions and give you an almost wrinkle-free finish. Lyocell gives you a rayon like feel, which falls gracefully on your body figure.